Make your costumes are the highlight of Halloween!


See how to make your costumes are the highlight of Halloween!

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Events like carnival, June Festival, Halloween and even tacky party are unique and very special situations. On these occasions we can escape a little from reality and live a character, forget a little real life and even travel in childhood costumes. But how to stand out in an environment where everyone is in this climate and want to be special? We have some tips that can help you:
CHOREOGRAPHY – Your character has a specific soundtrack or some characteristic movement? She practices a fight or perform some ritual? If the answer is YES, this can be a point in its favor. Make a skit during the party if leave everything perfect, will be a success. But if on the other hand, everything goes wrong and be bad, will be even more successful! There is no errar.

FRASES READY AND IMPACT OR JOKES – Know what your character speaks and behaves, can be a hook for you to start a conversation and make new friends. In jest and good humor, everything becomes more natural and people are more receptive to interactions. Choose well your character, for it will carry itself a whole symbolism that may be the first impression that people have of you, before you even know you.

COUPLE, DOUBLE OR GROUPS – Costumes for groups always are very successful: Shrek and Fiona, The Flintstones, Smurf’s Angry Birds, Teletubbies, He-Man and She-ra, Dragon Cave, Batman and Robin, Priest and Nun, Popeye and Olive Oyl, Addams Family … finally. These are just some examples, since the limit is the creativity of each. The costumes for groups are very interesting, because it strengthens the ties and clearly show the parties what their closest companies. Moreover, they also help to reduce shyness, because people’s attention will be on the group and not one person only.

ACCESSORIES – Costume The details, especially women, can make all the difference. So be attentive to the hairstyle, rings, earrings, ornaments, belts and shoes. Small details can transform and enhance their characterization.

MAKEUP – A good makeup can often be the ideal complement to the success of a costume. In some cases, the make-up may be even more important than his own costume. So, be aware of (a) at the time of choice, if the makeup is essential for characterizing, do not try to escape it or his character may be incomplete.