Kay Pike and her amazing cosplay body painting


Kay Pike is internationally successful in Fashion design. A Cosplay model, entertainer and entrepreneur. Talent behind CanadaCosplay.com and is the most requested Event Vendor in Canada.

I had the joy of interviewing Kay Pike and to know her better and know more about your wonderful work.

Check it (ou leia em Português):

IHERO: First, how can I call you, or what your “stage name”?
KAY PIKE: My name is Kay Pike! or Kay Pike Fashion. That’s my real name and what I use for everything.


IHERO: Where do you live?
KAY PIKE: I live in Calgary Canada.

IHERO: Long time you’re part of the cosplay universe?
KAY PIKE: I’ve been involved in cosplay for over 10 years! I’ve been running my business, CanadaCosplay.com for the past 6 years 🙂

IHERO: How did you start doing these paintings?
KAY PIKE: I was working at Edmonton Expo 2015 at my booth, and was introduced to Lianne Moseley Makeup Artist! Her model had bailed on her and she was the Expo’s special guest. Convention staff, knowing that I’m down for anything, brought her over to me. I immediately offered to be her model! We became fast friends; she painted me as Lady-Deadpool.
I started painting myself in early December 2015 with my Attack on Titan face paint. It went viral and I got invited to stream painting live on twitch.tv/kaypikefashion and have been doing a paint twice a week ever since. If it wasn’t for the interacting and socializing on livestream on Twitch I probably would’ve stopped after 2-3 paints!

IHERO: I notice that your job has traces of comics. Do you like to read them? What do you like most?
KAY PIKE: I love comic art! I haven’t had much time to sit & read comics lately, I usually work 12-14h/day.

IHERO: What is your favorite character? As it looks like you or know your way or personality?
KAY PIKE: My favourite paint right now is probably Starfire. She’s a character I’ve always wanted to cosplay and finally being able to bring her to life was amazing!

IHERO: In Brazil’s growing passion for cosplay universe every day. The public has grown, so has the number of large events. Have you had contact with some cosplayper or cosmaker here?
KAY PIKE: I haven’t met any cosplayers from Brazil yet. I’d like to! And I’d like to be able to come to Brazil for some conventions soon too 🙂

IHERO: And in your opinion, what makes a person interested and live this world cosplay?
KAY PIKE: Personally Im an escapist. I love to play the role and learn about and act like the fantastical heroes we make up in todays pop culture. It’s very empowering to feel “super”.


A little more of her story

Currently a professional designer: mixed artist Kay Pike is down for fun and adventure at all turns. You will most likely see her at a convention selling her CanadaCosplay.com Fashion line or helping out someone in need, always trying to create good experiences for others. You will see her own digital artwork in the form of fantasy prints, websites, and advertising. Kay Pike even takes the time to model if the opportunity for fun and to lend a helping-hand is there.

A true entertainer, her goal at her main workplace -conventions- is to give patrons a delightful experience. As an exhibitor, she is known for being “the convention cheerleader” with her positiveness, helpfulness and down to earth interacting with fans. She is the only “professional cosplayer” who is -genuinely- more interested in other peoples costumes then her own, with hundreds of photos of convention attendees in her collection.

Kay Pike started her cosplay career by wearing her designs around town. After repeated attempts by strangers to buy her cosplay hoodies off her back she was finally convinced to start producing for others. Her first event as a Cosplay Entrepreneur was in Calgary in 2009. 6 years, 1 arcade room, nearly 100 conventions, and over 10,000 cosplay pieces later, she has her own fashion line!

Kay Pike designs and sews everything for her company, CanadaCosplay. More than just a pretty face, Kay has faced down the competition and has become Canada’s leading day-to-day Cosplay accessory manufacturer, and full time professional vendor. From cute simple accessories like button badges to some of the most well recognized and sought after hoodie designs in the world, Kay continues to set new standards for pattern and product quality.