How to choose costumes for men, women and children?


Understand their profile and characteristics will help you in choosing costumes

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We explained in the previous post the criteria for choosing the perfect costume for each person. Okay, but we will improve, defining a typical profile for women, men and children, based on the opinion of tenants and the public. See how to choose costumes for:

Female costumes The female costume has always been much more far-fetched and detailed than that of men and the fantasies that could not be different. Women are usually more demanding when it comes to clothing. This may explain the fact that the costume stores have sometimes a much larger stock and more varied pieces for them. It is important to note that most of the female costumes have a very sensuous footprint, which depending on the circumstances may not be as appropriate.

Men’s costume  The keywords for a good male costumes are practicality and originality. The characterization, the homes usually do not care much about the details as women. Their priorities are typically only comfort and differentiation. So everything becomes more simple and objective.

Kids costumes Children are always a charm. Costumed then they are even more so cute! The costumes are small literally enter a magical world and when that happens they live unique moments that stay in the memory forever. Fantasie a child and realize the joy taking care of her, is inexplicable how a simple piece of cloth can cause so much emotion.