Documentary about Love for League of Legends

League of Legends Viver Jogar

Documentary tells the story of five different players around the world, united by a single passion: League of Legends

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This amazing and exciting documentary, entitled “League Of Legends Live/Play” tells the story of Amin, Mariana, Yong, Braeden and EYjÓ, talking about their lives and showing different realities, difficulties and dreams of each. With so many differences, all have in common the passion for LoL universe, representing and living it in different ways. Even if you have never heard of League of Legends, or hate, or think something “nerd”, worth watching and feel and understand the motivation of each one 😉

Amin (Cairo – Egypt) is a young man who lives in Cairo, shaken by civil unrest and major social and political difficulties. Play League of Legends for it is like therapy, go pa to another world where he relax, have fun, and still know people from all over the world.

Mariana (Sao Paulo – Brazil) is a Brazilian cosplayer in love with the game and its characters, is working on creating cosplay costumes and accessories and takes part in events and contests.

Yong (Seul – South Korea) is robot builder for ediversão. It creates robots inspired by the great monsters of League of Legends to present them at events and inccrevê them in competitions.

EYjÓ (EStykkishólmur – Iceland) is a fisherman to help his family and dreams of working as game design. Lol plays in his spare time.

Braeden (Los Angeles – USA) moved to the US to enter into a “Gaming House,” where trains daily and participates in a team of League of Legends players called T8. They are preparing to participate in a promotional contest that, if they win, joined a professional league, with salary and celebrity status in the segment.

Watch this documentary very well produced, and see why League of Legends is a passion in their lives:

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