Costume ideas: 20 creative and easy ideas to do

Costume ideas

If you did not have time to buy a costume for Halloween or other costume party, do not worry, it’s easy to improvise yours! Check our costume ideas

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When you are invited to a Halloween Party, not always have time to go after a ready costume and when that happens, it is normal even give up to attend the event. But the good news is that this is not necessário. With creativity and using things you have at home or can borrow one or more friends, you can ride carnival improvised costumes, Halloween or ballad as beautiful as those you find lojas.A the great advantage of improvised costumes is that you will be able to tap all your and the clothes are yours, you can be sure they wear well on your dummy.

Also, you usually save a lot making their own improvised costumes. But everything will depend on how much time you have, what you have at home and what costume you choose.

Another positive point is that many costumes you find to buy in the shops can be quite exaggerated, uncomfortable and not very match with your body type. So it is worth spending a little time and prepare your clothes for the party even at home.

Keep in mind that you will need to buy or build at least some accessory, unless you have at home. And to perfect the make-up (see a top tip at the end of this text)! The rest of the look can be done with “normal” parts of your wardrobe.

Check out the following twenty costume ideias of improvised costumes that you can use in various occasions and parties that require costumes as well. Remember again that for most of them is very important to perfect a makeup that matches the costume idea.

1. Black Widow


Use a black dress, short or medium, with fine fishnets or plain black. At the head put an accessory with black tulle and black flower, you can buy ready or do yourself. Complement with short or long black gloves and a black scarpin.

2. Cat Woman


Plowing the fantasy catwoman, wear clothes with shine like leather or satin. The pants lamé and corset are ideal for this look. Bet on high boots and make or buy a mask similar to the character.

3. Angel


For the little angel costume, what it is to use a fluid or armed dress and delicate in light color and white if possible. Complement with a golden headband to simulate the halo. Feet, bet on the white or golden scarpin. If possible, also make your own angel wing with feathers.

4. Little Devil


The little devil clothing shall be red. As the name implies, encorpore the little devil with a red bandage cocktail dress and a red scarpin. Abuse of color on the lips too. And do not forget to make or buy the accessories: trident and horns.

5. 60’s


Look for 60 you need clothes balls and accessories like a wide white band, you can do with a piece of white fabric and also a glasses kitten style, white or red. The main colors for this costume are black, red and white.

6. Cowgirl


This is an easy costume. If you do not have the items at home, you can borrow from a friend who enjoys the backcountry style. Bet on leather hat and boots. Plaid shirt and dark corset are good options. The jeans is also a trademark of cowgirl.

7. Witch


A witch costume is to wear a black dress, long sleeve preferably, with high boots and a witch’s hat you can do it at home or purchase ready. Use a very dark and strong makeup.

8. Playmate


The playmate costume can be made using a black swimsuit without print, fishnets and characteristic accessories bowtie, black gloves and a small bow with black ears of rabbit. Another recommended supplement is the rabbit tail white you can do and paste in the back of the swimsuit. Feet, bet on a black scarpin.

9. Modern Hippie


This is perhaps one of the easiest to improvise. Just take home an old denim shorts, a race or t-shirt with colored print, leather accessories fringed a rasteirinha and a very plump frame glasses.

10. MMA Fighter


To mount this costume you will need a short shorts and a short gym top, black preference. On the feet, use a leather shoes with barrel a little high or sneaker. Complement with a costume glove black gym.

11. High School


For high school fantasy, combine a white cotton shirt with long tie and a pleated skirt or frill on the edge chess. Use a white 3/4 half and finish the look with a black pump mary jane.

12. Military


This look is easy. Just take home a short or a skirt with camouflage pattern, a military black or green regatinha, a brown or black combat boots and a beret that you can buy or borrow from a friend.

13. Pin Up


The pin up look is not difficult to assemble. Use a skirt and agarradinha and long black pencil to the knee. Place the white shirt and tie at the waist. Leave it open a few buttons that appear red bra. Complement with a red scarf tied turban style on the head. In makeup, bet on kitten eyes and red mouth.

14. Zombie


For the zombie look, the clothes will not be as important. Use preferably an old garment and make a few tears in it using a pumice stone. Use a more stripped shoe and sock or boot and capriche in zombie makeup to be characterized.

15. Minnie Mouse


Minnie clothing is also uncomplicated to do. Wearing a red skirt and a black halter top, complement the look with a paw half shoe and a delicate half with lace ankle. Buy or make yourself the little ears Minnie to feature the character.

16. Vampire


To make a vampire costume, choose a long black dress, purple or red. Use black pointed shoes and bet in purple and red colors for makeup and nails. To caratcterizar fantasy, Accessorize with a neck collar and a black choker.

17. Black Swan


For this look, make a skirt with black tulle and combine with a corset or halter top black Tanks. Use sneaker black ballerina or a regular shoe with a black ribbon entwined ankle. For makeup, bet on the look inspired by the movie Black Swan.

18. Spanish


For the Spanish costume, use a cropped black top with a red pencil skirt and just invest in many red accessories like necklace, rings and a very large flower in her hair.

19. Magic / Illusionist


The illusionist costume must contain pieces in black, white and silver, if possible. The white cotton shirt should be placed inside the black lace shorts and complemented with a plain black butterfly records or glitter / sequins. Accessories like magic wand and hat are also indispensable.

20. Bride


Another easy costume is the little bride. You can make a tulle skirt and hair accessory at home. As the corset, it may be substituted by a delicate blouse that had takenfall. Use a delicate shoes and make a discreet little bride makeup.Agora é com você, mãos à obra!

Good work and good fun!